Unless you have your head completely in the sand, you probably have seen on the news the latest disgrace and shameful new trend. Stomping on the United States of America flag. I’m going to keep this post short because I am just so disturbed by this. Such disrespect for all that our flag stands for! An act of spitting in the face of all who serve or have served this country, active or inactive, alive or deceased. Are they completely out of their minds? I just can’t relate! Lord, have mercy on us a nation!

SHOW US YOUR FLAG!I work for our family business, a local independent insurance agency as the social media director. This week I was moved by this photo of an 11 yr old young girl standing by the flag.  I received permission from her father to share this pic, and he added that she “loves God, family and her country”.

Does this pic speak to you too? What can you do? What can we do? We can stand up, be heard, be seen, and unite to fight for all Old Glory stands for! If you don’t have a flag, get one! We have always wanted one, but for some reason never got around to buying one. By this weekend we will have a flag, and it will be MADE IN THE USA too!

The agency is running a contest right now, asking locals and people all over #respecttheflagto share a pic of them or family member wearing a flag tshirt, standing near a flag, bumper sticker, whatever… as long as it’s fit for a family audience. The contest is called “SHOW US YOUR FLAG”. I’ll put the blog post from the agency’s site if you want more details… and share your pic with us too! The contest winner will be a Michigan resident, however, don’t let that hold you back from sharing a pic! Let’s start a movement!!

SHOW US YOUR FLAG! Let’s stand together – be seen, be heard! 


#RespectTheFlag #PureMichigan #IlovetheUSA #standupbeproud