What about Rosemary?

Well what about her? Let me tell you, this is an essential oil that has grown very dear to me. I didn’t care for it at first, but now I love it. In fact, there were many oils I did not care for at first which I now adore. I truly believe our sense of smell and reaction morph over time. For me, I was accustomed to artificial fragrances… but now I can’t tolerate them! I think I have talked about this before.

If your first reaction was not good to Rosemary, I highly encourage you to try again. Put some on your big toe for mental clarity and alertness! I like to diffuse it! Add any of the citrus oils with it. WOW! I also like to put a drop in my palm, rub, and inhale! I also put a drop to the crown (top of my head) each morning. Rosemary is part of my morning “oiling” routine.  I’d love to hear about your morning routine with oils!

Wonderful for mental fatigue. Keeps the mind alert and focused. Strong aromatic scent of herbs and wood. It may also support healthy liver function, among many other benefits!

I encourage you take the time to research Rosemary… and all Young Living Essential Oils.  It’s eye opening!  Get your hands on a GOOD essential oil reference book! For me, I prefer the “Essential Oils Pocket Reference” by Life Science Publishers, but I do have several reference books on hand. I like to cross reference.

An interesting tidbit – historically, wayyy back in the day, the rosemary plant was regarded as sacred to many civilizations. It was used as a fumigant to help drive away evil spirits, and to protect against the plague and infectious illness.

I encourage you to try a new Young Living Essential Oil. Maybe it will be Rosemary this time? I try to order a new one each month. I want them ALL eventually!!

Not using Young Living Essential Oils? Oh pity! Contact me for more info! I highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit to get eleven of the most reached for oils (and much more) into your life! Visit this page to learn more and get started!

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